Podcast guest appearance: Business and Beers

I love podcasts and I always enjoy appearing as a guest on other podcasts. I’ve been on Honest Money twice, Talking with Traders and The Family Finance Show. My latest guest appearance is on Business & Beers, an up-and-coming podcast about startups and entrepreneurship, hosted by Simon van Heerden and Steve van Rooyen.

They asked me a number of really interesting questions about The Finance Ghost itself and how I went about starting the business. We cover topics like:

  • Why did I start The Finance Ghost?
  • How many hours am I putting in per week?
  • What keeps me going?
  • How do I think people should identify a side hustle opportunity?
  • What did I plan and think about before starting the business?
  • What are my views on minimum viable product?
  • How do I think about the market for a given product?
  • How important is a supportive partner and infrastructure at home?

It’s a great and honest discussion about the last year of my life and how I’ve built this platform.


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