The Startup Junto Ep1: SnapScan

We are thrilled to introduce the second podcast in The Finance Ghost’s ecosystem: The Startup Junto. Your host, The Finance Ghost is joined by The Venturing Vagabond in engaging with startup founders, investors and managers, as we seek to broaden our collective understanding of this critical part of the business landscape.

If you aren’t sure what the difference is between a startup and a small business, we discussed the concept previously.

In the first episode of The Startup Junto, we interview Chris Zietsman and Derick Truscott, the CEO and CFO of SnapScan respectively. SnapScan is an iconic startup in the South African payments landscape.

Key discussion points include:

  • Payments landscape in South Africa and globally
  • Drivers of user adoption
  • The power of partnering with an established player (“rolling with a battleship” which we unpack further in this article)
  • Whether or not SnapScan is still a startup
  • On a lighter note, Chris’ concerns about the ping-pong index and the proposed name of Derick’s SnapScan garage band


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