The Startup Junto Ep4: Snapt

In a podcast packed with insights from a startup founder and VC specialist, Episode 4 of The Startup Junto is a must-listen for startup founders and VCs alike.

Snapt is an application delivery startup that services an international client base from South Africa, where the company was founded. Having successfully raised VC funding early in its journey, Snapt famously managed to land NASA (yes, NASA!) as its third-ever client.

As a clear example of the potential of South African startups, hosts The Finance Ghost and The Venturing Vagabond are thrilled to welcome Douglas Cherry (founder and CCO of Snapt) to the show. This is a wonderfully insightful discussion on startups, growth strategies, the pitfalls of raising capital and the characteristics of successful founders (among many other critical points).

Learn more about Snapt by visiting their website.

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