Corona’s chaos is creating some positives

We are on a journey into the abyss. It’s way too early to tell how it might end, but there could be some positives for South Africa from all this craziness.

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If Cyril pulls this off, the last remaining Zuma supporters are going to find life very difficult. A united ANC is arguably the best group to carry this country forward.

Factionalism in the ANC is an extremely complex topic and people simply don’t give Cyril enough credit, even when he’s late. He walks a tightrope day in and day out, both politically and economically.

Let’s remember that we could’ve had Zuma delivering that speech, announcing a response to Covid-Eleventy Nine and probably awarding a face masks contract to a Gupta-linked company.

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Investment is about perception of future growth. In difficult times, growth is generated by tough people with great ideas. South Africa has no shortage of these people. 

Despite all we’ve been through, we continue to find a way to survive.

Our world-class responsiveness to the COVID-19 threat may attract the right kind of attention from the international investment community. South Africa is still in a tough spot financially, but a display of excellent governance helps investors see a future in this place.

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Wishful thinking perhaps, but the usual emigration destinations overseas have hardly covered themselves in Corona glory over the past couple of weeks. Being in isolation in a foreign land is no joke.

I’m not suggesting for a moment that our problems like crime etc. will melt away overnight, but perhaps people will feel more patriotic after all this.

You never know.

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People are going to think differently about a lot of things going forward. What seemed like key issues previously will probably feel far less important in 6 months’ time.

Hopefully, people will get more serious about their finances.

They will invest more and start more businesses. They will learn that you do in fact need a 3-month slush fund before you buy a shiny new BMW.

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An economic reset button is being pressed. It’s bad news for those retiring in the next few years unfortunately, but it’s good news for those starting their wealth creation journey.

You have the opportunity to invest in a recovery rather than in the peak of a bull run.

Be bold, be brave and be innovative. Use your lockdown time wisely to improve your knowledge and grow as a person.

We will tell our kids about this one day. Give yourself the best possible chance to have a good story to tell.

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