Garth Mackenzie of Talking with Traders has been one of my biggest supporters over the past 18 months. He knows how tough it is to forge a path into the unknown, pursuing a life in the markets beyond a corporate desk.

I first appeared on Talking with Traders in December 2020. A great deal has changed in the past year, so it was an absolute privilege to be invited back to the show to discuss what I’ve been busy with and what I’ve learnt in the past year.

This is a great podcast that is about far more than the markets. Garth focuses on the people behind the screens, something that doesn’t receive nearly enough focus. I’m grateful to him for his passion in running this podcast and I highly recommend subscribing to it and listening to as many episodes as you can. Talking with Traders is sponsored by IG Markets South Africa.

I must also point out that Garth has subscribed to Magic Markets Premium and has been blown away by the product that we are offering there. If you haven’t taken a look yet, please check out the Magic Markets website for more information. At just R99/month for a detailed weekly report and podcast on a different global stock each week, Garth refers to it as a “no-brainer” – high praise indeed from such an experienced trader.

Use the podcast player below to listen to my second appearance on Talking with Traders:


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